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-|| omnes mayhem = Chaos of Everything ||-

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[theme] movies, music, songs, reviews, concerts, lyrics, albums
[purpose] share your views on teen media

-||Rules for Applicants||-

1 . Post your application FIRST before posting anything else.
2 . Don't start fights with accepted members. You will be banned.
3 . Make your topic clear (whether your talking about a movie or what).
4 . Three cheers for an lj-cut! ((Clueless? it's this = < lj - cut >your text < / lj - cut> without the spaces))
5 . Have a nice day. ^_^

-||How To Join||-

1 . Go to the UserInfo page and read the rules. Then go to the top of the page and click on "To join this community click here."
2 . Join.
3 . Copy the application, fill it out correctly and fully. Then post it in this community like you would any other community.
4 . Wait for the accepted members to vote.

-||The Application||-

…And you are…
X . Name:
X . Age:
X . Birthday:
X . Location:
X . Gender:

…The usual…
X . Top 10 bands:
X . Top 10 movies:
X . The last movie you watched:
X . The last cd you bought:
X . The last song you listened to:
X . Favorite music genre:
X . Favorite color(s):
X . Hobbies
X . Favorite television show:
X . Most meaningful quote:

… And these…
X . Describe your personality in 2 words:
X . Why'd you pick the username that you did?
X . What's your hidden talent?
X . What do you want to do with your life?

X . How did you find this community?
X . Two or more Pictures. ( it's okay if you don't have any )



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